The New Durable Medical Equipment Market:

How to Mitigate the Risks and Increase Your Rewards

A new white paper from OnProcess Technology 


The medical equipment landscape is changing, and providing more opportunity – and risk – than you may have anticipated. Until recently, OEMs’ post-sale operations were primarily, if not exclusively, focused on servicing institutional customers, i.e., keeping equipment in hospitals up and running. But now, thanks to an aging population, patient preference for home-based care and changes in the insurance industry, there’s tremendous demand for personal durable medical equipment (DME).

This clearly presents a great opportunity for medical equipment manufacturers. However, it also exposes you to a new set of challenges that are intrinsic to the home market – and that could dilute the benefits of targeting this customer base.

In this insightful and forward-looking white paper from OnProcess Technology, you'll see the challenges and opportunities for DME companies to succeed while mitigating risk and providing a good experience for customers.

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