The Proactive Shift: Best Practices for Reducing Inbound Calls

A new white paper from OnProcess Technology 

reducing inbound calls cover pic-400776-edited.pngDid you know most people would rather get their teeth cleaned at the dentist than call customer service? But, still, they call. In fact, more than 50% reach for the phone instead of other channels when they need to resolve problems. And those calls come in queues that are sporadic, unwieldly and expensive - and often "solved" by scheduling technician truck rolls and replacement parts shipping.

But what if you could reduce inbound calls, not by directing customers to chat or email instead, but by avoiding the need for that customer inquiry altogether?

In this insightful and forward-looking white paper from OnProcess Technology, you'll see the opportunities companies with post-sales service operations are creating by adopting a combination of proactive analysis and  actions. 

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